"The artistic flow is now as important in business as the economic flow, and the real benefits come from weaving the two together."

From The Art of Business: Make All Your Work a Work of Art by Stan Davis, David McIntosh


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Be in Business Without Losing Your Heart

What Matters Most To You?

Hi there! This is Chris Allen, the founder of Creativity In Biz consulting. I know that if you have come this far in my website, you have a curious mind and an open heart – two of the most important qualities to integrating and harmonizing the flow of creativity and economics in your business ventures.

What I don’t know yet, is what matters the most to you; and I would love to connect so we can explore ways to unleash your full creative power at work and play. Even though I don’t know the specifics about your life journey and what matters to you, my experience tells me that some of the situations below may resonate with you. Read more and let me know what you think…

  • Are you an entrepreneur who is conceiving, planning or growing a business adventure that fulfills your passion and sense of purpose while providing you with prosperity beyond your dreams? Are there internal or external roadblocks that seem to be slowing your progress? Do you sometimes lose heart or the energy to get you through the ups and downs of business cycles?
  • Are you a business leader who knows that you have tremendous potential to build the kind of employee and customer engagement that will enhance your company’s value, reputation and profits; not to mention your own career? Have you recognized some of the roadblocks that keep showing up to create unwanted detours, but you aren’t quite sure how to proactively prevent them? Are you already making great progress in your efforts, but want to accelerate the next stage in your growth?
  • Are you an artist who thrives on immersing yourself in the joy of creating what you love, expressing deeper feelings about life and your experience; and you want to find soulful, authentic ways to share and profit from your art? Do you find the challenge of building a business with all the marketing, sales and administrative necessities to be abhorrent, or at best boring? Have you been trying for awhile to get your creative talents out there on the market and selling, but just not getting the traction you want and need?

If you find yourself in any of these life journeys, I’m totally with you!

I have over 30 years experience in sales and business development along with a life-long commitment to spiritual and creative discovery and empowerment. I have been a meditation teacher; an executive recruiter; a sales executive creating and sustaining long term relationships with mid-sized to Fortune 1000 clients; a strategic business advisor to company leadership; and a consultant to start-up entrepreneurs. (For more details, visit my About page.)

Through my career I have enjoyed working with, collaborating, mentoring and learning from individuals in all three career paths that I have identified above. While you may think that the dreams, challenges and successes found in each role are unique and not at all related; I have found otherwise. All of these roles and career journeys demand that we tap into our own inner gifts and power to create. The inherent impetus to make something valuable that sustains us in pursuing what we love to do; to lead – even if it’s just ourselves or a close circle of colleagues; and to create things that delight and engage ourselves and our community, is a shared energetic thread through the life of the Entrepreneur, Business Leader and the Artist. And that common thread is like a powerful electric circuit connected to every human being’s own inner Spirit. 

It’s this electric circuit that we all have access to that I am here to help you connect with to build more effective ways to integrate the flow of creativity and artistry in business; and to augment the artists’ flow of creativity with business skills to turn your passion into a prosperous venture.

We will work together to uncover and transform the hidden beliefs and habits that have put detours on your path to the creative and prosperous life you desire. We will take a holistic approach to understanding what matters to you and how you can step more fully into your potential. And we will get into the weeds of  both self-awareness and practical business matters to empower your journey!

Click on the link below to schedule a free 30 minute discovery call with me. We will explore the best way to transform roadblocks into allies and catalyze your creative journey!