Be in Business Without Losing Your Heart

Strategic & Practical Consulting to Accelerate Your Business as an Artist

“You need to ask yourself, ‘why am I creating this work?’ If art is your profession as well as your driving passion, the answer combines the desire to see your work shared with the world with the very practical need to keep the lights on in your studio.”

Eric Sparre, Founder & Managing Director – Artspan

Turning a creative gift and passion into a fun and profitable business is fraught with challenges. Perhaps even more so than other business endeavors because most artists find the “left-brain” activities of creating and sustaining the marketing, accounting, sales and related activities to be abhorrent, or at best boring.

But, as Eric Sparre points out, any professional artist must find the balance that enables them to maintain their creative passion and practice, while simultaneously engaging in the work that will “keep the lights on” in their studio.

I deliver a range of private consulting programs to focus on the areas that are most important or challenging to you. Here are a few suggestions on where we might start:

  • The Soul of Your Business – what is your creative passion and the sense of purpose that will sustain you and the business?
  • Beliefs and Habits – what beliefs and habits may be holding you back, and how can you transform them into allies?
  • Practice and Persistence – how can you take control of your time and psychology to stay inspired and motivated from within?
  • Building & Keeping Clients – specific and practical approaches to building your sales funnel and ensuring repeat clients!
  • Effective Systems – set up specific systems to ease the burden of administrative and accounting necessities
  • Multiple Revenue Streams – keeping the lights on may require more than one stream of revenue; what aligns for you?
  • Make Selling Fun – dealing with sales & marketing reluctance and finding your uniquely authentic style that opens doors and attracts clients

Click on the link below to schedule a free 30-minute discovery call with me. We will get acquainted and explore how these or other areas of focus will help you establish and sustain a fun and prosperous business making the art you love to create!

What a Client Says…

“Chris is a walking, talking “on switch” for those seeking to discover and share their greatest talents and highest aspirations in ways that create inner and outer success and fulfillment. His practical suggestions are extremely valuable and superbly matched to individual needs. Even more, clients are automatically transformed in such a way, that they find ways to manifest, package and share their gifts with ease and effectiveness. All that seemed impossible becomes clearly possible. Chris’s gift is immensely powerful and unique, providing a truly amazing awakening that allows clients to experience a remarkable momentum and flow of achievement, realizing their goals with confidence and joy.”

Cynthia Lane, Founder, Mentor / Facilitator, FirstLight Ventures, Inc.