MeetUp Group Asheville NC

Being in Business: Conscious & Practical Entrepreneurship


In March 2015, I launched the “Being in Business – Conscious & Practical Entrepreneurship” MeetUp with over 30 entrepreneurs attending the kickoff meeting. With evening meetings on the second Tuesday of each month, we have grown to an online membership over 1,000; and regular meeting attendance of 20-30 Asheville-area entrepreneurs. Guest presenters from our membership, or outside businesses deliver inspiring stories of their own business journey along with practical techniques and tips that help us all in starting or growing our own businesses.

There are plenty of networking opportunities, and we often follow the featured speaker with group breakouts led by members to focus on specific topics inspired by the presentation.

To learn more and join our group, check out our site on the MeetUp platform. To inquire about presenting, use the Contact form to send me a message, and be sure to include what you would like to present and why you think it would be of value to our group.

What Members Say…

 Love the focus on conscious business, and the practical information in well designed presentations. 

“ This was my first meeting but I was very impressed. Looking forward to seeing you all again! 

 Such a quality MeetUp group, I love attending. 

 It’s positive and effective for entrepreneurs.